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Lund, Sweden


I am a software developer and a system designer in charge of technology at various companies that I have helped launch by building the tech infrastructure and web/mobile software. Throughout my years in different projects from SaaS to mobile development, I have gained diverse experience in many programming languages, frameworks, and tools including but not limited to Node.js, React.js, React Native, C#, Unity, and PHP. With these years of learning and execution, my curiosity and progressive mindset, I have created several web and mobile applications including a game of my own.

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Boğaziçi University

2013 - 2019

BS at Management Information Systems


CTO @ FinBrain Technologies

2018 - present

FinBrain ( https://finbrain.tech ) is a startup company which develops Deep Learning algorithms to provide our customers with the future predictions of Stocks, Commodities, Foreign Currencies, Indexes and ETFs.
-- Managing the web application I have built to ensure availability for all users at all times
-- Developing new features for existing applications and creating new applications to increase customer acquisition and customer retention

Tech Consultant @ Elia

2021 - present

Elia is a personal assistant for language learning backed up by science and developed at the LMU and TUM.
-- Analyzing architectural requirements and consulting to create managable and scalable system on AWS. -- Doing code reviews and making improvements for creating consistent and readable code base.

Software & Design Manager @ Konuşan Markam

2019 - 2021

Konuşan Markam is a brand communication agency putting emphasis on technological solutions for corporations
-- Creating web and mobile solutions facing customers' needs and requirements
-- Working on new projects to develop the business and increase the number of services we provide

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